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Col. Thomas E. Bearden: Wizard of Zero Point


"There is an Unborn, Unoriginated, Uncreated, Unformed. If there were not this Unborn, this Unoriginated, this Uncreated, this Unformed, escape from the world of the born, the originated, the created, the formed would not be possible."  ~Buddha


Void Out


Microphysics wizard, Col. Thomas E. Bearden knows Nature’s secret of creation.  This remarkable engineer has worked in the space program and science intelligence.  But his claim to fame comes from free energy research.  He is the master of Nothing.  Like any good magician, he can theoretically produce anything out of thin air—in fact, the thinnest air, a pure vacuum.


The dynamic vacuum and its emanations are the unintegrated center of 21st Century physics.  Focus is on the threshold where nothing becomes something, the elusive interface of psyche and matter.  This light speed target is Zero Point Energy (ZPE), which hints that maybe we can get something for nothing by turning the Void inside out.


Unlike top-down mathematically based quantum theories, Bearden’s bottom-up physics matches our experience of this 4-D universe. Mathematics alone is a poor substitute for experiments.  Bearden’s vacuum theory also accounts for psychoenergetic phenomena, intentionality, and subtle energies.  Philosophically, spirit enters dense matter, crossing the Mystic Veil, the boundary of the metaphysical and physical.


Tom Bearden is among the main proponents of Tesla tech in the world today.  Nikola Tesla claimed, “Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.”

In1891, Tesla described how the aether “behaves as a fluid to solid bodies, and as a solid to light and heat,” and that under “sufficiently high voltage and frequency,” it could be accessed, implying free-energy and anti-gravity technologies.  Channels of least resistance exist to translate from one dimension to the other. Einstein discovered tremendous energy is locked in matter; Tesla and Bearden describe how it is also hidden in time itself.

This power resides in an omnipresent infinite sea of negative energy potential.  Keeley called the luminiferous ether, “the soul of matter.” The secret life of subspace reveals an unseen radiant potential living in the resonating gaps of existence.  Probability is highest at resonance.  The QM vacuum is much like a virtual particle gas.

Cornille clearly shows that Maxwell's equations are directly created by scalar potential interferometry. As he states, this means that EM force field wave s are created by the interference of sound-type scalar potential waves, or "sound creates light." This strongly supports Tesla's original statement that EM waves in the vacuum are actually EM sound waves, much like sound waves in a gas. Further cosmology supports this because before the universe became transparent and radiated light, it rang like a gargantuan bell.

The buffeting of the vacuum fluctuation knocks out an observable photon, shifting the quantum gearbox from virtual energy up to quantal level energy.  . Zero Point Energy has the least amount of vibrational energy associated with matter.  Yet, the mystic threshold has been crossed into physicality.

Nothing Becomes Something: Zero Energy Ontology

Spacetime, Energy, Matter, and Light are the components of creation.  But what are the fine components of spacetime?  The microcosm of the living vacuum is a coherent organization of spacetime structure.  Matter and mind are the geometric correlates of space and time.  Quantum criticality implies fractality.

Embedding space and transcendental space unite infinite distance points in nonlocality. Real physics reacts to the presence of intentionality.  Real and virtual topologies create a hybrid, continuable in classical physics. Time-polarized photon energy os transduced  into normal photon energy.  Empty space has unlimited EM energy.

In each quantum jump, the entire universe is recreated as quantum counterpart 4-D space-time.  Evolution is a process of continual re-creation.  The structure of physical states encodes what is usually identifed as quantum dynamics. Instead of a Big Bang, the universe may be a hyperinfinity of mini-bangs, followed closely by hyperfinite mini crunches.

“Free energy” emerges from a strong gradient, a negentropic scalar pump, an eternal fountain of cosmic creative energy.  Vacuum fluctuation means observable emissions of light rapidly decay back into their zero point and then infinitely repeat the photon emission process.  This relentless process, like snow on a TV screen, is almost hypnotic in its appeal.

But, let’s not just stare transfixed into The Abyss.  Let’s jump into it, because our very survival depends on it.  Energy science is the most important remaining frontier.  Development of cheap, clean energy sources is an alternative to greenhouse gas producing forms of transportation and production.

Let’s do NOTHING.” has been the credo of suppression of these technologies since Tesla’s time.  It is now imperative this type of research is allowed to proceed, even against opposing forces of corporate greed.  Overunity is Bearden’s term for machines with energy outputs that exceed energy inputs.

Bearden reiterates that, At any point and at any time, one can freely and inexpensively extract enormous EM energy flows directly from the active vacuum itself.”  But like understanding this new physics, it is easier said than done. Tom has tried to correct fuzzy thinking by pointing out that zero point energy is not energy from the vacuum.

Massless observable radiant energy is often confused with nonobservable virtual vacuum fluctuation.  So, don’t expect to comprehend just how it works right away.  Let these notions sink in gradually and take root as the realization of your own essential nature. Perhaps you’ll find the effects or applications easier to understand than the concepts behind it.

Catch the Wave

When is a wave not a wave?  When it’s a scalar or energy precursor, point intensity.  A scalar potential, like ripples in a pond, either increases or decreases at each and every focal point throughout spacetime, including inside our bodies. Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) is observable; virtual vacuum fluctuation is nonobservable.

Matter boils into and out of existence. In this reiterative process the virtual becomes the observable.  Subquantal disordered virtual state fluctuations of the vacuum is the groundstate of existence.  Vacuum fluctuation of virtual photons is the universal hum, the OM of the cosmological constant.

Let there be Light.”  Potentials in the vacuum are primordial causal agents creating force fields as effects of their interference during virtual photon flux. Charge emits measurable photon energy.  ZPE charge becomes observable emission.  Real EM photons (quanta of light) are emitted from that charge and spread into 3-space at light speed.

Coherent integration implies continuous creation from virtual state energy input.  Harmonic sets or series of wave/antiwave pairs form the scalar potential. Internally dynamic scalars essentially pump negentropy (increased order and information) into existence as energy and/or mass.

In Synergetics, Buckminster Fuller called this cosmic pumping energy Cosmic Zero, described as the nexus of quantum jitterbugging of the Vector Equilibrium Matrix.  Everything, the totality of excited states, arises from cosmic zero.  Activity is the essence of being.

Forces are enfolded in the vacuum that can be unzipped into manifestation.  Artificially produced scalars can affect everything from our minds to the weather.  This physics has even been used as a model of paranormal phenomena, healing and clandestine warfare.

Open Sesame of Subspace

Passage of an electromagnetic wave through the vacuum leaves an invisible trace.  The vacuum "imprints" everything that happens in it.  This imprint is electrogravitational; i.e., the imprinting process structures the substructure of vacuum spacetime [the artificial potential of vacuum].” ~Tom Bearden

Bearden has been promoting this largely suppressed science for decades, going public with reports for the Psychotronic Assn. (USPA) in the 1970’s.  He staunchly claims he “isn’t allowed” to give interviews by an “agency with a three letter acronym.”  He says it is a condition for his own continued “protection.” Apparently, scalar physics can be hazardous to your health due to opposing political and/or criminal factions.  Yet Bearden persists.

Scalars are described as dynamic quantities, which have magnitude but not direction, like vector waves.  The vacuum ground state is not completely empty, but seethes with impermanent virtual particles and fields.

The flow of mass, and our own mass, through time is generated by the ubiquitous interaction of photons with the mass. This is so for both virtual and observable photons. Mass moves through time by integrating virtual photons, and absorption/emission of observable photons/biophotons. The internal dynamic flow of time has infolded sublevels and engines that pump up the quantum field effects to breech the mystic threshold of observability.

Scalars exist only in the vacuum of empty space, including that between our own atoms.  Tesla called this form of negative energy, radiant energy.  This new physics has been called ether physics, scalar physics, virtual physics, plenum physics, creative physics, scalar electromagnetics, energetics and psychotronics.

By whatever name, Bearden’s main points remain.  1). Nothing contains Everything; 2). we can get something for nothing, and, 3). we are locked into a war of paradigms, against which we must protect ourselves, mentally and physically.

Bearden 0.0

Like any seasoned magician or wizard, Tom Bearden’s crowded hyperspace closet contains more than ordinary skeletons.  The future isn’t what it used to be in this negative-time reversed paradigm: It is the Bizarro World of materially unstable ghosts, UFOs, ETs, ultraterrestrials, angels, demons, imps, and sasquatch, which can all bleed into and out of normal reality.  The virtual blueprints of everything that ever was or will be, as well as the powers of mind linkage, mass mind control and healing are locked in this universal zip drive.

But the bornless domain of this uberspace isn’t in a parallel dimension, so “where” is it?  The potential is “everywhere all the time” at right angles to normal reality, in the orthorotated fabric of subspace.  There is quantum crosstalk between being and nonbeing.  Ordinary and sometimes nonordinary “things” wiggle through ripples and ruptures in the spacetime manifold.

When “massergy” enters 3-space, it becomes entropic, while the negentropic potential remains unmanifest as its sustaining force. When negentropy manifests, it’s entropy crosses the mystic veil into nonobservability. The generative signal wave is always negentropic, instantaneously reordering previously scattered energy without requiring input energy.  This is overunity.

So, the void isn’t empty. It just doesn’t contain physical matter.  To illuminate ourselves, let’s look behind the Mystic Veil between the observable and nonobservable – the truly metaphysical which is literally “beyond physics.”

Metaphysical Ground Zero

"Nonexistence is eagerly bubbling in the expectation of being given existence....For the mine and treasure-house of God's making is naught but nonexistence coming into manifestation." ~Rumi

The essence of Being is Nonbeing.  What IS-IS, but it is undergird by what isn’t. The Heart Sutra insists that all form is inherent in the void, and the void is the root of all form. Ether physics is the science of radiant energy, of virtual particle flux.  “Aether” means “shine” in Greek.  Light literally matters.

Radiance is the fundamental reality of such an unseen, fluidlike source of universal energy.  Thus, it is the hallmark of the world’s secret mystery schools. Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras and Plato discussed it at length. Sanskrit Vedic scriptures call it “prana” and “Akasha,” or “rigpa.”

The Qigong model calls it “chi” or “ki,” or “mana,” with special emphasis placed on its interactions with the human body in martial arts and acupuncture. Adepts of this tradition learn to manipulate energy, allegedly creating miraculous events, such as levitation, teleportation, bilocation, heating, manifestation, instant healing, telepathy and other spiritual powers.


Initiates have stressed the need to “raise your vibrations” for thousands of years. Currently, energy medicine emphasizes holistic self-care of the energy body – the body electric -- for longevity, health and healing. New treatments for the EM fields of the body with low intensity lasers and other forms of coherent light and sound are multiplying. The energetics approach of scalar therapies is touted as the basis of radionics affecting us at the field, quantum and biochemical levels.


The mindbody is electronic, but it is rooted in the scalar luminosity of its invisible ground. Living systems are very sensitive to changes in tiny energy fields and resonance phenomena, both locally and remotely. Imbalances can lead to degenerative disease that can be corrected through Energy Medicine.


In this nonlocal model, bioenergetic distance healing is possible through pumping additional energy into the system, creating resonance and modulating electrically charged molecules. Any kind of field can be turned into any other kind of field by precise time synchronization.  Healers use the Quantum Vacuum (QV) to facilitate order and coherence as a preventive measure.


Healing is a self-organizing emergent process.  Our experiences become embodied in our structure, emotions and behaviors.  Correcting imbalances and distortions in the energy field facilitates harmonization of subsystems, allowing the cells to work together, instantaneously and symphonically.  The health of our virtual essence is related to the health of our physical nature.


Fierce Luminosity


All biological processes are a function of electromagnetic field interactions. EM fields are the connecting link between the world of form and resonant patterns. EM fields embody or store gestalts, patterns of information. Biochemical action and bioelectronic action meet at the quantum-junction.


The body is both formed by and generates bioscalars and biophotons that both condition and signal its health.  Our two brain hemispheres constitute natural scalar interferometers (or “engines”) actuating scalar fields.  These fields possibly couple to the subtle anatomy of the body like chakras, acupuncture meridians or fields of the heart.


Our bodies are essentially “frozen light” as is everything else. This light is transduced from the vacuum by the holographic blueprint of our DNA, which acts as a cymatic projector employing biophotonic light and creative sound (phonons) to read and manifest our genetic code. (Miller).


To create an organism, two genetic programs are required. The first one is geometric, i.e. a scheme, how to design the body [holographic blueprint]. The second program is in the form of a meaningful text which contains instructions and explanations how to use the first program, how to understand and build the organism. These programs exist in the form of “DNA video tapes”, which are used by the genetic apparatus, acting like a bio-computer. (Gariaev)


The distinction between a living and nonliving system is simply the fact that the living system deterministically uses the inner EM energy channels inside scalar potentials.  And those EM potentials are centered on the atomic nuclei of atoms comprising the living system's molecules, cells, tissues, and mass.

The mind/brain/body problem can only be solved by looking at this interior energetics, or we will never understand life, memory, personality or thought.  The vacuum potential, a hidden internal EM energy channel, is the primary channel of biological control as well as human intent.

“Now you see it; now you don’t,” in the transitory world of the cosmic House of Mirrors. Disordered virtual energy can be turned into ordered observable EM energy. Matter is a small ripple on the seething ocean of virtual energy potential.  Everything that ever existed or can exist is already potentially there in the nothingness of space, which contains all of being.

The Tao is an empty vessel; 
it is used, but never filled.
Oh, unfathomable source 
of ten thousand things!

Oh, hidden deep but ever present!
I do not know from whence it comes.
It is the forefather of the gods.

 ~ Lao Tzu ~Tao Te Ching

What's New with My Subject?

Running On Empty

"Every charge in the universe already freely and continuously pours out EM energy in 3-space in all directions, without any observable EM energy input. That is the well-concealed source charge problem, known but ignored by the leaders of the scientific community for a century.” ~Tom Bearden

The universe feeds on time.  It exists by continuously extracting EM energy from the vacuum. Wave-like scalar potential stresses and curves or warps spacetime. Superposition of bidirectional waves gives rise to a standing wave or stationary wave, which still fluctuates up-and-down in potential.  A system on which a standing wave precisely fits is called a resonant system.

What appears as empty space actually is a dynamic domain of immensely coherent and radiant “zero-point energy.” Scalars are ripples in the fabric of spacetime itself. Matter is a small wave or ripple on the top of this cosmic ocean and life is an even rarer form.

As electromagnetic beings, we naturally tap the life-giving potential of our source field. We share that negentropic essence. Our bodies are complex modulations of frequencies embedded in greater fields of modulation.  We are standing waves in spacetime.

Zero point is never directly observed as physical experience. This is reflected in the occult axiom, “I am Isis; no man hath lifted my veil.” We can see no deeper into nature than fluctuating fields of energy, which constitute the constant background motion.  All that is, is in motion.  But it is sustained by the ground state or “cosmic zero.”  Random scalar energy is always present in the environment.

The Root of Negative Existence

Qabalah describes the emanation of all and everything from the Three Veils of Negative Existence: Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. It describes the archetypal, mental, emotional and physical bodies of mankind from this energetic foundation.  Qabalist, Paul Foster Case described it, metaphysically:

“Zero is a symbol of the absence of quality, quantity, or mass. Thus it denotes absolute freedom from every limitation whatever.  It is a sign of the infinite and eternal Conscious Energy, itself No-Thing, though manifest in everything. It is That which was, is, and shall be forever; but it is nothing we can name. Boundless infinitely potential, living light, it is the rootless root of all things, of all activities, of all modes of consciousness. In it are included all imaginable and unimaginable possibilities, but it transcends them all. The Qabalists call it: (a) No-Thing; (b) The Boundless; (c) Limitless Light. Pure Conscious Energy, above and beyond thought, to us it is Superconsciousness.”

Psychologically, the vacuum symbolizes the distinction between primordial awareness and the phenomena of mind.  Empty awareness facilitates resonance with refreshing cosmic patterning. It allows us to go offline to the phenomenal and “reboot” our systems by drawing on the eternally nourishing source of our being.

In more current terms, organized systems exhibit resonances.  Resonances lead to synchronized oscillations, harmonized systems.  Oscillations represent time cycles during which changes may be introduced.  Such changes may dampen or amplify the existing oscillations.  Alternatively, they may create new resonances and excite new sets of oscillations.  The more complex the system, the greater the likelihood of introducing change into the system during any given cycle.  Hence the exponential growth of order or information.

Dimensionless virtual/actual particles vibrate across time, forming two-dimensional waves.  Interaction of these waves creates holograms, which oscillate across time in various geometric shapes.  In turn, they move about in all four dimensions like invisible ductwork energy tunnels. As shaped energy becomes increasingly ordered into evolving patterns of evolving patterns, it begins to manifest electromagnetically as matter.

Remembering the Future

Trying to garner the attention of future generations of scientists, Bearden has generated a great deal of interest in the potential for extracting zero-point energy from the energetic vacuum potential.  He calls it Overunity. 

In the past couple of decades, virtual particle flux has gained scientific acceptance, becoming less mysterious. Potentials can have observable effects on charges even when no fields are present. The potentials are the cause and the fields are the effects. Bearden says, “A longitudinal wave is a time density oscillation,” vibrating in the time domain with zero frequencies.  Subtle energies check and balance one another to null summation.

Oscillations of the local curvature of spacetime were originally described by Nikola Tesla and Paul Dirac.  British physicist Dirac called the vacuum a seething ocean of infinite energy potential, but Tesla engineered applications of non-Hertzian electric waves for wireless transmission. Real world EM vector fields can be assembled by interfering scalar potentials, and likewise, scalar fields are created by destructively interfering vector fields in a nonlinear medium.

Technological applications engineer the primordial vacuum, which is called subspace or hyperspace, whether you take a bottom-up engineering view or top-down mathematical view.  Like the matter/antimatter polarity, time also has a negative flow, time reversal. 

When we dive deeper than the microphysical level of the frequency domain, only the time domain remains, and dynamics become enfolded.  Negative frequency equals time reversal.  Zero-time is the reference point of our 4-D existence. The universe is a rogue wave pumped up from zero to macroscopic proportions.

Nothing Doing

“When it appears in the seething vacuum, and while it fleetingly exists, a particle (such as a photon) is totally ordered. Although the entire vacuum or a large region of it statistically is disordered, each individual temporary virtual particle is totally ordered while it fleetingly exists.” ~Tom Bearden

The modern vacuum is a fiercely bubbling inferno of fleeting particles.  The vacuum has no fixed lengths or rate of time flow, per se.  The stress of the vacuum is a sort of conglomerate potential “pressure,” where the individual stresses of various types of particles, if integrated by external means, sum into the overall stress (pressure). Variation of the stress of vacuum between two points in a frame represents a “curved spacetime” or “accelerated frame.”

The stress energy of the vacuum means “fragments” of energy, more subtle than electromagnetic energy, turn against themselves and lock into a “vector zero summation.”  Two out-of-phase waves travel together as a zero-vector pair; the component waves are “in-phase spatially, out-of-phase in the time dimension”.

One of the two waves in each pair is a time-reversed or phase-conjugate wave, a coupled longitudinal EM wave/antiwave pair forming a scalar (time-polarized) wave for that interacting fraction. Time is energy compressed by a factor of c-squared.  So it has the same energy density as mass.  ZPE is an incredibly dense structure of virtual electromagnetic energy, even at zero degrees absolute.

Summary: In a continuous creation, the center of the universe is everywhere and it is a seething cauldron of potential. Everything, every thing, manifests from the temporal interaction with the local nonlinear vacuum of spacetime. The interaction of time and negative time extracts “massergy” from the limitless ocean of roiling subspace. It manifests the temporal potential of force and form in each and every instant at each and every point of being and our being and becoming.


War of Worldviews

You may be perplexed by now just how scalar physics can affect you in the “real world.”  Potentially, we can build devices that help us alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object, patterning spacetime with electrogravitic energy. 

Bearden describes “killer apps” that make scalars relevant to us all.  Unobservable potential can be transduced and tapped for energy or creating mass.  There are methods of direct engineering of virtual particles at a distance, including the formation of virtual and observable charges at a distance.

Bearden claims scalar tech has been used for nefarious purposes as a super weapon by nation states and criminal factions at the global level.  Psychotronic (scalar) weapons, weather war, mass mind control, nonlocal communications, healing and psi are among the phenomena investigated by multiple intelligence agencies, worldwide. Outrageous lists of scalar disasters can be found on Bearden’s site and in his books, most notably Fer-de-Lance (1986-2003), Excalibur Briefing (1980-1988), and Oblivion, America at the Brink.

Unfortunately we are also in the final phase of a world war, that we are at this point losing. It is an asymmetric war and therefore one that few Americans even understand or appreciate. We are very close to our destruction, and it is not even perceived or appreciated. So in our most recent book, Oblivion: America at the Brink, we laid out the nature of this threat, its background, the science on which the superweapons are based, and what is coming down on us very shortly. A part of the threat is so bizarre and against the ansatz of Western culture that our own scientists cannot even tolerate considering it. Several times in the past the U.S. has been close to its destruction in somewhat similar fashion, and a small friendly nation with the same powerful superweapons has saved our bacon each time. Once in the latter 70s, once in 1986, twice in 1997, and once at the end of 1999. Let’s hope they can do it once again. If not, then very little of this matters at this point.

Weather engineering using high tech scalar interferometers (Tesla Howitzers) includes manipulation of the jet stream, droughts and floods, intentional amplification of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and volcanoes.  North American weather has been engineered for over a decade by means of scalar interferometers, and HAARP is likely (among other things) an attempt to combat that ongoing weather war rather than to initiate a new one.

Machiavellian applications include freezing time, precursor robot wars, dudding missiles, manipulating the nature of mind, artificial life, mind conversion, mass hypnosis, synthetic telepathy, AIDS biological warfare and EM disease propagation.  Heat, cold, explosions, implosions, light phenomena (glowing orbs), destruction of electronics, human sickness or instant death, and even psychological phenomena can be created in the mindbodies of those in the target zone.

Physical symptoms of scalar attack include headaches, nausea, dizziness, stomach and intestinal difficulties, weakness, loss or upset of equilibrium, arthritic symptoms, excess fatigue syndrome, various chronic pains and aches, rashes, etc.

Chernobyl, downing of shuttle Challenger and submarine Thresher, USS Scorpion, Bright Skies, Yellowstone caldera, HAARP, Woodpecker, antigrav and antimatter drives, etc.  Medical Engineer, Eldon Byrd affirmed that “images can be projected directly into a human brain from a distance using the 'scalar' component of a weak magnetic field.”

The present author has had his own share of such shenanigans, close calls, and suppressions, more than a dozen times, but does not wish to publicize the incidents. As a single personal example, Kawai's patented motor [57] will produce COP>1.0 if his process is applied to a high-efficiency magnetic motor to start with (such as one with 70% to 80% efficiency). We explained the Kawai engine's operation, placed it on the Internet, and Kawai and party came to Huntsville to see us. At Kawai's urging, we negotiated an agreement with him that we would manufacture and market his systems worldwide; he already had build a closed-loop, self-powering system in Japan. He would fund the entire project.

Our agreement was verbally reached on a Thursday afternoon, late. That night a jet arrived posthaste from Los Angeles, with a Yakuza on board. The next morning Kawai and his party were in fear and trembling, and the Yakuza was in total control. Kawai no longer controlled his own company, his invention, or his own fate. Needless to say, the Yakuza coldly cancelled the agreement, point blank. This happened in front of my associates and I, so there are multiple witnesses. The Yakuza and party quickly packed up the two Kawai engines in our possession, and departed. No Kawai engine will ever be permitted on the world market. Several other Japanese COP>1.0 electrical power systems have also been suppressed by the Yakuza.[58] Many such incidents — including murder — have occurred over the last decades, right here in the United States. Others will happen.

Bearden describes several kinds of “shooters” that induce fatal heart attacks. He himself, has been hit by such devices. An associate, Stan Meyer, died after a “possible” hit by a close-range shooter. Another ZPE researcher was killed by a bazooka-size shooter. Steve Marikov, still another researcher, was assaulted by a sophisticated shooter and his body thrown off a rooftop to make it appear a suicide. When his body was removed, the pavement “glowed.”  One day at a Texas airport a person three feet from Bearden was killed with symptoms suggesting he was murdered by an ice-dart dipped in curare! “That was apparently just to teach me ‘they’ were serious.”

If Tom had his way, he would cure us of disease, including cancer, solve the energy crisis and protect us from the horrors of mass mind control and unbelievably powerful weapons.  That is, if scalars realize their promise and potential.

Finding Your Zero-Point


Hopefully, in the future, the new paradigm of scalar physics will be employed for the benefit of humanity.  All that is universal is contained in our human essence for we are not separate from that, or one another, or our environment.  We are all embedded in the unified cosmic field.  All lifeforms are multidimensional virtual vacuum engines.


Mathematician, Charles Muses describes the nature of our embodiment:  Actually our bodies are like fountains [virtual dipoles]. The fountain has a shape only because it's being renewed every minute, and our bodies are being renewed. So we are standing waves; we are no exception.”


Visualizations, such as the qabbalistic Middle Pillar Exercise are designed to pump negentropy, as a fountain of light, into the practitioner.  It is a means of bringing free energy into our systems for quantum wellness. Such meditations help us recalibrate ourselves from our own personal zero point or renewable energy.


Muses describes time as the master controller that cuts through the entire physical universe and holds all of space together, though not necessarily in each point of space. Time is, therefore, bigger than space.  Wisdom traditions contend there is a fundamental unity between the universal mind and the cosmos itself -- including the unfolding of time.


Certain ancient and modern spiritual technologies are said to confer extraordinarily longer lifespans on their practitioners. Often yogis, lamas and masters appear far younger than their chronological age. They attribute these youthful qualities to their meditation practice.  Meditation is a regenerative therapy in which we “die daily” into the unconditioned state and are instantaneously reborn anew.


Trauma locks up energies in the body, and the self image can become "frozen" and inhibit growth of the personality. This image can be destructured or liquefied, eliminating the old holographic pattern, and returning all elements to a chaotic state. From this chaos, the new image automatically emerges in regenerated form. This death/rebirth cycle is healing, and may be the mechanism of the placebo effect.


Self-image is locked up in identification with a multi-sensory image of self.  It conditions the body and its state of health.  The process of detachment from one's body, emotions, thoughts, and even the notion of self is a way of disidentifying with the old outworn model, and creating a nonlocalized impression of oneself as identical with universal consciousness.


Virtual Reality Healing


Healing is the psychophysical equivalent of creativity.  Creativity is embodied inspiration and imagination.  To the extent we intentionally commune with the source of infinite peace, love, health, bounty, and oneness we encourage their manifestation in outer reality. Resonance creates an exchange of energy between the cosmic and microcosmic systems by aligning fields of energy to allow maximum interpenetration and synchronization.


The energy body is a template for the physical body. Emotional energy resonates with experiential life and belief systems to become literally encoded in cell tissue. Neurobiologist Candace Pert described how emotionally-charged thoughts and experiences cause the body to manufacture chemicals triggered by emotions -- neuropeptides.  They alter our moods to feel better or feel worse which signals the body with healthful or stressful feedback.


All the creative inspiration and healing qualities of hyperspace can be actively incorporated and embodied into your Virtual Self (Light Body) by consciously connecting with that deep Source while meditating in the alpha and theta brainwave range.  Consciousness unifies all fields.


The stability of matter itself is mediated by zero-point fluctuations (ZPF) of the electromagnetic field.  In each and every nano-instant, we a reborn at the birthplace of matter, much like a refreshing screen and therefore have the potential to reform utterly, instantaneously.  There is infinite healing potential in the undifferentiated creative energy -- radiant wholeness.





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Miller, Iona (2006), “Photonic Human”

Miller, Iona (2006), “DIY Mind Control”



Iona Miller is a nonfiction writer for the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. Her work is an omnisensory fusion of intelligence, science-art, chaos theory, plenum physics, and emergent paradigm shift melding experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, paramedia, philosophy, cosmology, healing, creativity, qabalah, magick, metaphysics, and society. Rather than having an interest in specific doctrines, she is interested in the EFFECTS of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, and the arts. and