Aleister Crowley

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Is it Crowleyanity or Truth? In the world of Aleister Crowley, it is impossible to say definitively, but the legends surrounding Crowley are nothing if not wildly entertaining. In OCCULT ESPionage we follow the meandering path of Crowley's magickal journey into the shadowlands of psychic warfare, occult spies and occult power visions. The daisey chain connects the worlds of irregular freemasonry to the political machinations of both Hitler and the Bush family.

It is a circuitous route, a widdershins spiral of weird coincidence into a vortex of implausible synchronicity. There is little doubt that Crowley's occult philosophy and writing influenced virtually all of his contemporary occultists and many of those to follow, as well as artists and musicians.

Many of his ideas had their roots in the minds of other deep thinkers, but no one executed them with more "energized enthusiasm." Sex Magician, "Wickedest Man on Earth," was he a spy and even possible double-agent, besides? Was Barbara Bush his love child? Was Hitler his doppelganger? Are L. Ron Hubbard and Tim Leary his legacies? Decide for yourself.

Crowley was a mercurial character. A Hermetic scholar and practitioner, he wrote "The Book of the Law," "Magick In Theory & Practice" and commissioned his own tarot deck, "The Book of Thoth." Thoth, Hermes, and Mercury are all the same archetypal force or godform. In ancient Egypt, Thoth was the deity of scribes or writers and magicians, and such a force seems to have blessed Crowley with its particular gifts. In Tarot, the corresponding trump is The Magician, The Juggler, The Magus...and he was all that.

The Magnum Opus, the Great Work of alchemy, is the utter transformation of oneself into a being of light, an energy body. Crowley lived larger than life. If his webpresence is any indicator, his legend and influence is bigger than ever. He may have just been lurking in the Astral Plane, waiting for this psychic rebirth. Perhaps, cutting through spacetime, he made a leap of faith into the electronic Astral Plane.

Aleister Crowley is a Conspiracy of One - the number of THE MAGUS.



What's New with My Subject?

The occult is one of the keys to world events; reality is also defined by politics. It takes intelligence to be a magician, but a magician can also be an active agent of intelligence, figuratively and literally. The real question is, rather, how and why and who and what do these things serve? Restoring self and society is the essential wisdom of the Grail. But this quest can be coopted for narcissistic or pathological ends. The Secret Doctrine can introduce both positive and negative praeternatural forces.

Who is served by the Holy Grail of occult knowledge? What is the Grail, and who does it serve? The secret is in the power and the power is in The Secret. It is a meaningless metaphor without the experiential process of self-transformation to back it up. That’s why it can’t be told. It is the panacea, a personal path of recovery for “what ails thee.” The Grail is a metaphor for connection to the mystical Source of everything, the ever-renewing Fount of all manifestation.

All paths lead toward a personal journey of transformation and enlightenment, though not all journeys fulfill the total potential of creativity, compassion, engagement, and spirituality. On a classical “hero’s journey” like Parcival, when you find the Grail, and are called to its service, no knowledge remains hidden for long. Magick was the first transdisciplinarian occupation, drawing on all areas of knowledge. Before science divorced the occult arts it was called Natural Philosophy.

A Magus is a “worker of magic” which eludes rational definition. The Magus is both a symbol of enlightenment and deception (disinformation)-- just like the Tarot card, The Magician, is a card of duality: Wisdom and Folly.

"Now you see it; now you don't" is the forte of the illusionist, the juggler of realities, who is master of Orwellian double-think – holding the tension of the opposites. Myths present themselves as systems of antinomies, or opposites: heaven/hell, good/evil, life/death.

Traditionally, the Magus is one who can demonstrate hands-on magic: healing, transformative rituals, metaphor therapy, alchemical transmutations, charging of talismans, spirit comm, etc. Magick works on the principle that man is a microcosm.

A modern Magus is any person who completes the circuit between heaven and Earth, one who seeks to bring forth the divine 'gold' within her or himself. He or she is also a Mentor, an Initiator, divining and reading the signs and revealing deeper purpose and meaning in “the godgame.”

But that is how the outer world sees it. Every Magus has a foot in both worlds. Their inner life is mercurial, a complex psychic layer-cake of inner planes of transcendent experience where quantum leaps of consciousness are possible and messages are exchanged with the Great Unknown.

Perception of what is real and what is not dims and vanishes in a whirlwind of synchronicities. Imagination is reality. Magicians understand the world we live in, or think we live in, is an illusion, a construct of our own perceptual apparatus and a malleable interpretation of our brains.

But the hyperdimensional gifts of the Spirit come at a price. The magician taps into, becomes one with, an essence that pop culture calls The Force. This subatomic vibration of Light and Sound is the enlivening force, which feeds creation and allegedly responds to focused intention. Information controls and patterns energy.

Hermetics is a Spiritual Technology

For masters of the Hermetic Arts, all magick is wrought through this impressionable ether – the Astral Light --a plenum of potential, using true properties of nature, it's laws, forces, and principles. Science now describes it as the scalar physics of subspace. The mage seeks to selectively establish an internal order out of this chaos, then externalize it, according to his vision. He is the soul guide who initiates the transformation process.

The Hermetica included works on magic, alchemy, astrology, healing, gnosis, theurgy, ritual and philosophy. Sympathetic magic contends that like substances sharing an essence can influence one another through resonance effects. Likewise the hypnotic and magnetic qualities of charismatic individuals can create rapport with others to influence them.

This power card also represents the fine line dividing white magic from black magic, toxic or malignant black ops. This is the realm of psychic attack and psychic self defense, of sorcerers stealthily vying with one another for power. Weaponized ESP can affect the body, mind and soul of one's opponent. But it can boomerang back on the sender 3-fold, according to the cautionary prescription.

Power can be used in either a self-serving manner, or one in service to the All. In order for The Magus to achieve his aims, there must be constant awareness and self-examination, pressing on and exploring one’s boundaries, breaking through into the boundless realms.

This is also the Trump of discernment. The Magus can discriminate between various realities and fantasies, between various points of view, without buying into any belief system, literally. The sorcerer orchestrates and works within others’ belief systems.

By molding worldviews, a magician creates the perception, manipulates and defines the perceived reality, creates the structure for self-organizing transformation. He believes no metanarratives but orchestrates them for others. He is an opportunistic paradigm shifter, shapeshifter, chameleon, trickster. If you assume a role does that make it real? If not, fake it till you make it. Better to be an inspired lunatic than uninspired, or so Crowley’s arc implies.

Aleister Crowley was among the first magicians of the modern era to find his own personal Zero Point in the Abyss of the transcendent imagination. The "Bornless One" is beyond force and form in naturally manifest awareness, luminous and empty.

Crowley played with the perceptions of the world. He pioneered the use of magick and psychedelics, much like Freud pioneered brainwashing, psychoanalysis and cocaine. They experimented on themselves.

Crowley and Freud were psychonauts developing “software technologies” for the brain. Crowley explored the Collective Unconscious like Carl Jung. Magick is a practical system designed for experiment. His magickal weapon was the phallic Wand, his means the creative Word, both truth and falsehood.


Whether Crowley ended his life as a degenerate burn out or enlightened individual is a deep paradox. As a magician, Crowley failed to immerse himself in the divine light and only developed on a mundane level. He never completed his own Abramelin Operation, having abandoned his quest for the Holy Guardian Angel or higher self halfway through the long retreat.


He never did any OTO opertions except sex magick. He failed as a Gnostic to dissolve into the ascending light. His world consisted of theoretical self-dissolution, strategies to disjoint personality, identity and action. The result were toxic experiments on himself and narcissistic idolizing of himself alone. As such, he was somewhat of a harbinger of the Postmodern dilemma -- the search for meaning. The accepted truths of society change as it evolves and the truths an individual accepts change as the individual evolves.

But who better than a cunning master of deception to enter the hall of mirrors of international ESPionage as Agent 666? In his visions, he may have seen others of the intelligentsia, the manipulative High Priesthood in there, smiling back from the Abyss – Malthus, Galton, Aldous and Julian Huxley, Bulwer-Lytton, H.G. Wells, George Orwell, Helena Blavatsky and later even L. Ron Hubbard and his "grandson" [sic] George W.

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