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Uberbabe: A Comic & a State of Mind


A 21st Century Archetype for Today’s Women


by Iona Miller, 2005 

Uberbabe is a multimedia graphic novel, and immersive entertainment experience created by Lisa Voldeng, of Vancouver B.C. and her coterie of artists and musicians at Sugarlab Corp. See http://www.sugarlab.com and http://uberbabe.com. But as creative as Lisa’s vision is, UBERBABE, the creation has leapt the pages of the comic and the realtime immersive dance events to become an icon of the 21st Century, a self-perpetuating force infusing the feminine spirit of our times.

The world of comics and graphic novels is full of martial maids, amazons, glamazons, sorceresses, and women who define themselves with or without male counterparts: Supergirl, Elektra, Promethea, Buffy, X-[wo]Men, Bene Gesserit, etc. But that is “oh, so LAST century”.

The problem with these comparatively sedate modern mythologies is that while they encourage us to realize the goddess within, they don’t really give us what we need to do that in our own lives. We don’t just want inspiration or to read what a self-actualizing woman is; we want to DO what she does – to be a wild woman who lives from the heart and soul, to live with the freedom to be ourselves, free of the self-doubt, woundedness and guilt that might prevent it, that might prevent our passionate embrace of all life’s wonders.

UBERBABE jumps the multimedia page into our lives – encouraging us to “show up” and be as outrageous and authentic as possible. Uberbabe is a succulent dream, who drives her vehicle of consciousness up from the subconscious through the thresholds of the supraliminal into the supraluminal – the realm of radiant Light.

UBERBABE represents that super-kewl luminosity, and when we connect with her spirit, we shine. We can be independent and self-contained without even defining ourselves as rivals to men by simply pursuing and realizing our own desires for achievement in the business, artistic, academic, or athletic realms…or quietly from home.

We realize we don’t live in an ideal world, but we don’t seek simple escape from this one, but to transform it utterly from the creative edge of chaos in whatever way fate makes available to us. A New World Order is coming, all right, and it isn’t controlled by stodgy old Not-Sees and their Stepford wives! We can find passion and drama in our accomplishments, rather than in the trauma-drama of disturbed childhoods or dysfunctional relationship.

Rather than developing role-bound insular relationships with men, we can have many simultaneous relationships with friends, colleagues and loves of all sorts, based on shared interests and experiences. We can partake of that part of male Spirit that we need from a variety of sources, rather than demanding it all projectively from our lovers. We can live as quantum superpositions in that bountiful ocean of soul and spirit, drinking our fill of life-sustaining joy on our own terms.

The concept of Uberbabe encourages us to blur the edges of fiction and reality, and experience the FRICTION of real life, right here, right now. Why just read about Uberbabe when you may become one, if you aren’t already? UBERBABE can embody our higher selves, be our very own Guardian Angel, sustaining and encouraging us in a new way that doesn’t just emulate the heroic male model, but comes from a deep feminine root.

We’ve all suffered the cultural wound inflicted on women before we are even born, but it is up to us to help one another grow up and find our destiny as wounded-healers, cultural heroines. But we must devise a contemporary path that is not just a caricature of the tired old male hero of dominator society. We can learn to hack up our old demons, hit the mark with our arrows, and generally “kick-ass” on all the worn-out notions of what it means to be a strong woman in today’s world.

Uberbabe creator, inspiratrix Lisa Voldeng has created more than a multimedia immersive experience. She has created a core tenet for would-be and luminous super chicks to rally around. Uberbabe is an idea whose time has come, a time that warps us into our new future, with new possibilities of morphing culture with live events and connectivity, as well as evolving ideas of what it means to be a whole woman in our society.

Real superpowers come by living from Source, from that place deep within us that nourishes ourselves and others in a nontoxic way. Connecting and being authentic connects us with our own passion, our own flow state in which the extraordinary becomes the norm…a new species of Light beings (Homo Lumen) which supercedes the old paradigm and constricting roles, uniting the anima/animus powers in a figure that is androgynous in character, but doesn’t disparage our biological femininity.

Androgyny is the outcome of a dynamism based on the application of energy in an organic universe. It is not incumbent upon any individual to create it or assimilate it; it is not even necessary for us to work on it. It is present in each individual, and its expression will vary within the framework of each particular personality.

Part of it has to do with returning a heartful human dimension to our plutocratic, technological society. In short, it means following a path with heart. We take aim at “the heart of the thing”, no matter what arena we find ourselves in. What we need is not more magic, but more love! Love of self, others, and cosmos.

Consecration is the active dedication of oneself to a higher purpose, finding the next new way on. It is a lifestyle, maybe even a passionate mission. We can hardly escape being part of the social revolution that is life in the cyber-generation. Like it or not, we are the consecrated handmaidens of transformation, balancing spirit and instinct.

We consciously are learning to inhabit not only the meatbody and the chip body, but the energy body, the astral body, and Body of Light. Our minds and emotions are learning to work with one another so our heads and hearts align in undeniable majesty of being that is our Mystery.

It isn’t what we do, but how we do it. Practically, it means we experience a transformative process which forms a magical link between the personality and individuality. We have to find out who we are, separate from the divine patterns that play mindlessly through us, with their own agendas.

When the gods and goddesses possess us, attempting to take over our lives and creative goals, we have to let them know what we need as human beings, with real needs, from survival through transcendence. This simple process is self-realization. The mystical quest helps us stabilize our emergent powers and direct our visionary aim into reality.

Our predecessors are the independent goddesses of old – Nuit, Astarte, Artemis, Athena, Isis and others in all their glorious panoply. Call them by names which resonate for you. We don’t “become” them but notice and encourage them playing through our puny personalities without the spiritual vanity of identification. Let the goddesses keep their glory. We can carve out our own space, our own security, our own policies, own Realities. Along the way we find help from male and female allies, our support network of like-minded individuals, our spiritual sisterhood or tribe, interconnectedness based on wisdom.

Let us revel in sung, spoken and unspoken invocations of pure Goddess energy to intentionally burst the boundaries of conventionality and seize the noble fruit of the true wisdom of gnosis. We can jump in our imaginal starships and burst the boundaries of normal spacetime. Unconstricted by time, we can connect with our essential maid/mother/and wise aspects at any point. We can re-parent ourselves and one another if we need to. We can take these resources back into our past histories to heal ourselves. We can be as distant or distinct, or as intimate as the situation warrants.

We can be UBERBABE! Cyber-sister infuses us with her honesty and swiftness of mind, cutting through to the essential meaning of each intentional act, piercing through the veils of unknowing existence, aiming toward the essential meaning at the core of experience. She is a harmonious vortex of nature, culture, soul and spirit…a true comrade on our ubermodern, organic/technological, psychophysical, spiritual life journey.


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