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ANTIBOTHIS - Occultural Anthology + cd compilation
::: Antibothis are the antibodies of the current
corporhate monocoolture :::

Soon will be out our first book release in our brand
new book imprint.
The first book release is an occultural anthology
called ANTIBOTHIS with contributors such as : Iona
Miller, Adel Souto, Pennti Linkola, Center of Tactical
Magic, Wulf Zendik, Corrupt, Denny Sargent,
Technoccult, Kenji Siratori, Jorge Mantas,
Socialfiction, Edgar Franco, Ordo Antichristianus
Illuminati among many others.

Along with this book a cd compilation will be released
with artists Like : Jarboe, Kenji Siratori, Phil Von (
Von Magnet ), Christophe Demarthe ( Clair Obscur),
Rasal.asad, Euthymia, Wildshores, Andrey Kiritchenko,
Netherworld, Rapoon, Fernando Ribeiro ( Moonspell )
among others.
Antibothis are the antibodies of the current
corporhate monoculture.
spread the thisease

THIS is an instinctive opposition against the forces
which opress us by isolation, loneliness, trash media,
the modern world is a global economic environment
built by corporhate alliances to ensure maximum
profit, an attractive beatific consumerism is raising
now a new ethological being condemned to a toxic life
of low awareness
thisconnect us :

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